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The National Institute of Construction Technology and Management (NICTM),

Uromi, a Federal polytechnic, is one of the Federal Government agencies.

ICDL Training

ICDL (International Computer Driving License) training was conducted at the ICT Centre premises for both Academic and Non-Academic staff of NICTM, Uromi. The training spanned five days and covered the Base Module and Intermediate Module.

This initiative was organized in response to a request from NICTM for TetFund Intervention funding to enhance the computer skills of its staff members. The training aimed to equip participants with essential computer competencies required for their roles within the institution.

Throughout the five-day session, participants engaged in hands-on activities and interactive learning sessions facilitated by certified ICDL trainers. Topics covered included basic computer operations, productivity software applications, internet usage, and more advanced concepts such as data management and presentation skills.

The training not only provided participants with practical skills but also empowered them to effectively utilize technology in their daily tasks, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity within the institution.

Overall, the ICDL training served as a valuable opportunity for both Academic and Non-Academic staff members of NICTM to enhance their digital literacy and proficiency, aligning with the institution’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

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Learning Management System(LMS)


LMS Development, Integration, and Training” is an annual intervention sponsored by TetFund to bolster the support provided to NICTM. This initiative aims to enhance the institution’s technological infrastructure by developing and integrating a Learning Management System (LMS).


Through comprehensive training sessions, faculty and staff members will acquire the necessary skills to effectively utilize this innovative platform. The LMS will serve as a centralized hub for course materials, assessments, and communication, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. This strategic partnership between TetFund and NICTM underscores their commitment to advancing educational excellence through cutting-edge technology.