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Welcome to National Institute of Construction Technology and Management

NICTM was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to produce middle and high-level manpower for the Nation‘s economic and industrial growth in the areas of Construction Technology, Applied Sciences, and Management Sciences.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of the Polytechnic’s Governing Council, Academic Board, and the entire staff and students of the National Institute of Construction Technology and Management. to this great and promising Institute.

NICTM is a Federal Polytechnic established as a response to the increasing collapse of buildings, roads, and other critical infrastructures in Nigeria. Since 2014 when the Polytechnic took off, NICTM has been raising skilled entrepreneurs in construction and allied fields of endeavor. We have metamorphosed into a Centre of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) where skill acquisition is prioritized. We presently have Schools namely: School of Engineering Technology, School of Environmental Technology, School of Applied Sciences, and School of Business Management Technology.

The facilities at NICTM are world-class being a breeding ground for construction professionals. With modern Library Facilities, conducive lecture halls, modern male and female hostels on Campus, well-equipped laboratories, studios, workshops, etc., we are the surest place to study. Our students are attached to all ongoing projects on campus and selected construction sites within and outside the host community to acquire hands-on practical skills to augment what they are taught in the classroom. Moreover, we have a robust industrial linkage that enables our staff and students to gain field and industrial experience within and outside the country. At NICTM, we emphasize skills rather than Certificates. NICTM no doubt is determined to ensure it fulfills its vision and mission and maintains its position as the first and only construction Polytechnic in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa

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At NICTM we don’t expect intelligence to come in any particular shape or form. We’re looking for future students who are inquisitive, passionate, original, and determined to grow.

School of Business & Management

The School of Business and Management Technology was accredited in 2018. The School started with two departments namely  Business administration and management and the Department of Banking and Finance. The school is currently made up of four Departments running the National Diploma Programme and an HND Programme in Business and Management.

School of Environmental Technology

The school of environmental technology is one of the foremost schools that was established at the inception of NICTM. The school started with three departments; Architecture Building, and Survey/Geoinformatics.
Recently, two other courses were accredited to make it five departments. Quantity survey and Estate Management and Valuation.

School of General Studies

The school of general studies is a non – matriculating but a servicing school. This makes the school very unique in the sense that it does exist to provide supporting staff who provide NBTE-approved general and foundational instructions to the various accredited programmes of the Polytechnic.
The various Departments within the School were so created, and currently do exist for the administrative convenience of the school.

School of Engineering Technology

The school of Engineering Technology is one of the schools in the National Institute of Construction Technology and Management (NICTM), Uromi.
The school has qualified lecturers, technical and administrative staff as well as state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops that assist in the production of job-ready, self-reliant, and decent students with technical and vocational competencies required to drive the industrial development plans of the Nation.

School of Applied Science

Covering the full range of computing and statistics, SAS brings the world’s most brilliant faculty and students together to innovate and explore. From foundational hardware and software systems to cutting-edge statistical models and computational methods to address critical societal problems, our work changes the world.

School of Part-time

The School of Part-time studies is a school in the National Institute of Construction Technology and Management which runs Part-Time and Evening Programmes for non-regular students. It encompasses all the existing Programmes in all the Schools in the institution where OND and HND are currently being offered.  The school offers opportunities to qualified candidates who could not secure admissions into the Polytechnic through Jamb and for those who are too busy for full-time studies. All Courses offered at the ND and HND levels are offered in the School of part-time studies. Lecturers in the different Departments service the School.

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