Technological excellence for self-reliant professionals

At the Institute, we have a wide range of business services

Automobile Diagnostics and Repair

Get your automobile maintained, repaired and optimised by our team of automechanics and electricians. Our services are digital diagnostics, maintenance, optimisation and automobile repairs.

Electrical Installation and Repair

For electrical repair, installation, wiring and testing, meet our dedicated team of highly trained electricians to assist you for your every electrical requirement.

Information Technology Services

For your professional IT services, web development, software and hardware system repair, graphic design and system update, our IT experts are here to render professional and quality services.


The Institute Creche is a posh dedicated day-care service. Mothers face new challenges everyday as regards merging official duty with motherhood/family. We are open early enough for the early risers and available for the late returners.


We provide high class laundry services with our modern machines. Our rates are afforable coupled with a friendly and neat environment. We are your best choice.


We Create professional-looking reports for school assignments, reports etc. Our binding combs and spines keep pages tightly bound together while still allowing them to turn easily. Our binding covers gives a clean, finished apperance to any work we do.

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